Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Another Valoria, WIP and Stuff of Legends draft 3

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Above is the map I've chosen to place Another Valoria on, its use gracefully allowed by Herwin Wielink. Thank you, Herwin :)

The current state of Valoria is such:
  • It's populated strictly by humans, although precursor races exist and those are not dwarves, elves or any other sundry race.
  • The humans are centered around several locations and the majority of the continent is wilderness. There are no mechanical differences based on where a character originates from.
  • Magic is uncommon but viewed with careful acceptance.
  • A crystalline element, called Varinium, is relatively plentiful and can be worked into a form that produces thrust. The use of Varinium acts as a scientific catalyst which jump-started advanced locomotion - airships are rare but functional, ships can travel more reliably and hovering vehicles are uncommon but in wide-spread use.
  • The cosmology of Another Valoria places the prime material plane in the center of 7 layers of planes. 
    • At the top is the Essence layer, from which all is made and where the creator god resides. 
    • Below Essence is Light.
    • Between Light and the prime material plane, Fire and Air share a layer.
    • At the bottom is Void, where things cease to exist.
    • Above Void is Darkness.
    • Between Darkness and the prime material plane, Earth and Water share a layer.
    • It is believed that the further up you ascend, the closer you get to Essence. In the same vein, if you descend into the earth you move closer towards Void.
It's not much, but it's progress.


I am also working on Stuff of Legends draft 3. Slowly I write my way through character creation. When I have enough to share, I will.