Thursday, February 12, 2015

Gold & Glory, take 2. Start from scratch (sort of).

This time, we have a different starting point: this one!
I really like the name and the feel it carries, so I'll stick with it.

So we're starting with a certain damage system, one that has a cinematic feel but isn't too abstract. Seeing as many fantasy games feature combat, to varying degrees, I'll start from what is going to be the most mechanics heavy part of the game. If I can't get a minimum viable product out of it, back to the drawing board.

Rolling Dice
With some exceptions, many systems employ dice and G&G isn't about to be any different. Currently I'm leaning towards 3d6, roll under a composite of attribute and skill (and any modifiers). Attributes will likely go up to 12 and skills up to 6, meaning a master, with a maxed attribute, performing something well under his skill is nearly always promised success.

An attack is a clean, transparent roll: take your combat skill and roll under it. If you want to pull off anything flashy or more complex, the GM will apply modifiers as they see fit. Both players and opponents roll attacks.

When being attacked, defenses are the same - both sides may roll them and defending means you have ignored all damage the attack might deal. The might is there for a reason - defending is a choice with a price. When defending, the defender takes 1 damage and must state they are defending before an attack roll is made. Even if the attack misses, that damage is taken as the character primes for a defense, expending energy. If the attack connects, a successful defense occurs when you roll below or equal the attacker (for players) or just below them (for opponents). Modifiers might apply based on the attack.

Damage also uses d6s. All weapons deal d6 damage, with bonuses for exceptionally damaging ones. Certain circumstances or attacks might have more dice.

Makes the same assumptions as the linked post - armor is a massive asset which might turn a combatant into a nearly unstoppable thing, depending on circumstances. In general, using armor means combat fatigue between fights and ongoing damage during fights. But, it also means you can much more easily get up close, personal and stabby with opponents.

Is nowhere to be found yet. I'm not sure what I will do about it. Just saying this now.

Magical Equipment
Unlike magic, it is to be found, but it has one important assumption: it's rare, unique and not at all mundane. No simple clean bonuses as magic, nor simple clean effects. Normally used at cost, normally conveying a clearly unfair advantage.

Like before, this is raw, but deals more with the general idea and concepts.
Anyone wants to give this a quick playtest when I get more concrete things done?